The Organisation

Our Mission Statement
At Downs View we promote an ethos which demonstrates mutual respect for all children, young people and staff. We expect high standards of behaviour and all staff adopt a consistent and agreed approach based on the understanding of self and others. Every member of staff without exception has a part to play in establishing and maintaining a positive and supportive culture. This will include having positive expectations of children and young people, having respect for all, providing good social role models for everyone, constantly looking for ways to celebrate achievement, and to enjoy and have fun in school and college.

We will encourage all children, young people and staff to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and show respect for other cultures and beliefs. Partnerships with parents and the local community are actively encouraged and equality of opportunity will be fully promoted.


  • To enhance the development of each child / young person in all areas of their lives, and to assist towards the realisation of maximum potential.
  • To give each child / young person access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, with an emphasis on the provision of positive learning experiences.
  • To provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment, conducive to an all-round education, which acknowledges the wide range of learning difficulties within the school.
  • To encourage care and consideration for those around us.
  • To encourage high and consistent standards of behaviour for all children / young people, to enable them to benefit fully from the educational provision available to them.
  • To develop knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable each child / young person to function with increased autonomy and happiness within the community.
  • To assess each child / young people‚Äôs special educational needs as accurately as possible, involving other agencies as required.
  • To work with parents, professionals and the community as joint partners in the education of the children and young people.