The School

Our approach

At Downs View our fundamental aim is the provision of a high quality of education for the pupils in our care, but education in a positive, secure and caring environment.

Our absolute commitment to quality has been demonstrated through our outstanding inspection judgments in 2009, 2012, 2016 and 2020 attaining SEN Specialist Schools Status in Communication & Interaction (September 2009), and the Research Charter Mark in 2011.

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Our pupils

At the heart of our success is the high quality of our staff relationships with the broader family not just the child. The needs of the individual pupil are paramount and thanks to the generous staff/pupil ratio, they can be planned and catered for. Students at our Downs View Hollingdean School are aged 6 to 16 and have moderate learning difficulties, complex needs and autism/ADHD. Class sizes vary but an average class would compromise, one teacher plus two teaching assistants with eight or nine pupils.

The coming year

As a result of the review and reorganisation of Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) provision in the City, by November 2020, our school in Hollingdean will close to merge with our Downs View Woodingdean school. The Woodingdean site is in the process of being refurbished and extended to enable all school age pupils (2 to 16) to come together onto one site able to accommodate up to 155 pupils.

Building work in Woodingdean started in July 2019 and is expected to complete  in time for the merging of both schools in November 2020.

We will work closely with all parents, carers, staff and pupils to keep them informed of all the changes and how they may be affected.