Home Learning – Otters – Friday

Otters Class Online Learning Timetable for Friday  


Good Morning (see School Ping from Friday 8th January) 


Today we are thinking about using and applying positional language in Maths. Please watch this video I’ve made, and use the communication boards in your pack sent home for your child to communicate what they see



This term (Spring), we are focusing on Forces in Science. 

Ryan’s World, Sink or Float Experiment

Have a go at home with a big tub or in a sink, or a bath! Give your child an item from around the house, e.g. cup, car, tin of beans, spoon… and tell them what it’s doing, e.g “look, it’s sinking!”. Can your child guess if you ask “sink or float?”?

If you have a printer or a screen you can put nearby, use the PDF below to show the child the words. If it’s easier, write down the words on some paper and see if your child can point to which one is happening!

> Sink or Float PDF



Turn the lights down, get out some light and colourful toys, and put on some music for an at-home disco! Favourites in Otters class (also show us what moves to make when we dance, which helps us!) are:

Just Dance videos on YouTube;

CBeebies’ Hokey Cokey on BBC iPlayer – this needs adults and siblings to join in too – https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p06r22nn/sing-with-cbeebies-series-1-6-the-hokey-cokey

Or join in with Rob (Downs View TA) doing the Hokey Cokey here!

Goodbye (see School Ping from Thursday 7th January)