Home Learning – Otters – Monday

Otters Class Online Learning Timetable for Monday


Good Morning (see School Ping)


Phonics Play is offering free access over lockdown, so please make use of it!

Username: jan21 password: home

Polly’s Phonics by Discovery Education is also super useful for some of our class: https://www.discoveryeducation.co.uk/what-we-offer/discovery-education-espresso/literacy-resources

SATPIN with Annabel

SATPIN Power Point activity (on School Ping):

For the PowerPoint, your child has to select the picture that starts with the sound shown. Some may find this tricky and need you to model and hand-over-hand support. Others may need an extra challenge: can they think of other words that start with the same sound? Can they write or find letters to make the words?

Big Mouth

This is a really good session for you to lead your child in if they are still learning to produce sounds with their voice and aren’t yet producing words. You will want to be ready to pause the video and read the instructions to your child!

Jolly Phonics – all Phase 2 sounds (Letters & Sounds)


Number: One More at the Circus with Lizzie

*Extra challenge: can your child write the number sentence?

Number songs



Colour Hunt! Can you set out coloured paper and go round your house finding objects that are the same colour?

If you have paint at home: choose three or more colours, squeeze them into a sandwich bag or see-through plastic wallet, seal the top, and gently press or squeeze it to mix the colours.

Messy Play


Goodbye (see School Ping file)