Home Learning – Otters – Wednesday

Otters Class Online Learning Timetable for Wednesday


Good Morning (see School Ping from Weds 6th Jan) 

Maths – Shape focus

This is a good place to start: the Walrus shape song! A class favourite 


Shapes in common objects PowerPoint (see School Ping) – activity: can your child find shapes in your home? 

Story Massage

Weather and Seasons 




Our class’s Lead TA, Paula, has made some music videos on our Downs View YouTube channel – can you grab an instrument and help your child join in? Encourage them to move and dance to the music if they want to! 



See School Ping message for introduction, but today is story time with Lizzie!  

(If your child wants to still do the Goodbye session, that’s fine – please see School Ping from Weds 6th Jan)