The work and progress of all students at the Link College is accredited and recognised by LASER (Learning Awards South East Region) a nationally recognised award body. Students will gain qualifications in either Personal Progress or Independent Living Skills and Functional Skills. This accreditation system recognises individual strengths, interests and needs and covers all areas of the curriculum including vocational experiences.




The Link College provides the opportunity for a majority of our students to register for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. We offer students a variety of activities which they can use for their bronze and silver awards. The sections which they are required to complete are Service, Skill, Physical and Expedition. Students have cleared land for a nature reserve, helped at an old people’s lunch club, and maintained a sensory garden as recent activities for the service section. Physical activities have included trampolining, football and dance. Skills offered include pottery, photography, ICT Skills, Creative Arts and horticulture. Students can choose activities outside college for these sections. Clubs and classes attended outside college hours may also provide suitable activities

The expedition section requires students to walk over the Downs during the day, camp at night and walk again the next day. The distance they walk is adapted to their abilities. They are expected to take part in putting up tents, making their own beds, cooking, and looking after their own belongings. This is all very good practice! Students need for support varies, but we encourage students to be as independent as possible.


This is taught as part of our media and communication course and is generally taught and assessed in Year 14. The students are externally assessed in making a 4 min presentation to their peers, participation in a group discussion, and a formal phone conversation.