Changes to parking arrangements from September 2019

As we’ve mentioned before, as a result of the review and reorganisation of Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) provision in the City, by September 2020, our school in Hollingdean will close to merge with our Downs View Woodingdean school.

Over the coming months, our Woodingdean site will be refurbished and extended to enable all school age pupils (2 to 16) to come together onto one site able to accommodate up to 155 pupils.

Building work in Woodingdean has started and significant changes are being made during the summer holiday with things looking very different when returning for the new school year.

We want to keep you informed of all the changes and how they may affect you so we’ll communicate with you through the year on what to expect, and how this may impact you.

Here are some of the initial changes you’ll see from September 2019.


There will be significant changes to our parking arrangements from September 2019, with only the top part of the car park available for restricted and/or reserved parking. This means:

– No staff parking on site

– Allocated bays will be reserved for minibuses, visitors and parents and a limited selection of reserved spots

– Removal of the ‘roundabout’ with a new one-way system in place (see map)

We realise this will impact many of you but would appreciate your understanding and forward planning when travelling to or visiting the site.

Pupil Drop-off and Pick-up

From September 2019, our system for dropping-off and picking-up pupils will also be changing.

– The new transport contract means that transport escorts will no longer bring pupils into the school, but instead, classes will need to go and collect pupils from the vehicles

– There will be a new one-way system in place meaning how vehicles park up will change. We’ll have more detail on this nearer the time

– I would still appreciate parents bringing your child into the building. Can I suggest that initially in September, while the new management beds down, that you arrive just after the minibuses at, say, 9:00-9:05

Automatic Gates

To increase security around entering the school, we will be introducing automatic gates. This will mean vehicles will only be able to enter through a card system or buzzing in to reception.

We’re aiming to have this in place early next term.

Should you have any enquiries please telephone the office on 01273 601680 and we will be happy to offer advice.

Thank you

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